Vivaldi “per l’orchestra di Dresda”

Concerti a molti stromenti
Vivaldi- Quantz – Zelenka – Pisendel


Senesino, from Dresden to London

Plots in the opera house
Haendel – Zelenka – Lotti – Heinichen – Hasse


Non temer, amato bene

MOZART, a concert in Vienna, 1786
Piano concerto, concert arias & opera overtures
with Sabine Devieilhe (soprano) & Rémy Cardinale (fortepiano)

Pygmalion priant Vénus d'animer sa statue, Jean-Baptiste Regnault

Pygmalion & La Lyre enchantée

2 Operas in one act
with Sabine Devieihle & Eugénie Warnier : sopranos
Anders Dahlin : haute-contre
Alain Buet : basse-taille


Anacréon & Anacréon

Anacréon (1754) & Anacréon (1757)
2 one-act-operas by Rameau, that have the main character (poet Anacreon) in common. Nevertheless, those are two independant works that appear to be ideally complementary


Musicke for the Theatre

Songs, overtures, act tunes, hornpipes & jigs
from Bonduca, The Double Dealer, Aureng-Zebe, Abdelazer, The Indian Queen,
The rival sisters, a Fool’s preferment, Don Quixote, Distressed Innocence
with Maria Keohane, soprano & Nicholas Mullroy, tenor


The Fairy Queen

Semi Opera after Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream
with Sabine Devieilhe & Maria Keohane, soprano
Anders Dahlin & Nicholas Mullroy, tenors
Alain Buet, baryton


Lumières et Ténèbres

Music for the Cathedral of Dresden
Quantz – Bach – Zelenka – Heinichen – Vivaldi


Les Fêtes de Diane

Back from Hunting: opera arias & concerti a molti stromenti
Heinichen – Pisendel – Vivaldi – Zelenka – Haendel