“Per l’orchestra di Dresda”

Under Johann Pisendel’s enlightened leadership, the Dresden Hofkapelle became “the best orchestra in the world” in the time of Bach, for its examplary discipline, its rich instrumental colours, the individual qualities of its virtuosos and the diversity of its repertoire. It is in Dresden that French and Italian style united and gave birth to the Goûts Réunis.

To our modern eyes and ears, the Dresden  orchestra appears as amagnificient and true European symbol in its constitution, its style and its repertoire… Les Ambassadeurs pursue a mission of rediscovery : bringing back to life the still-asleep master-pieces means a true and deep understanding of what musical philosophy brought the Dresden Hofkapelle to the highest level of execution.


Vivaldi “per l’orchestra di Dresda”

Concerti a molti stromenti
Vivaldi- Quantz – Zelenka – Pisendel


Senesino, from Dresden to London

Plots in the opera house
Haendel – Zelenka – Lotti – Heinichen – Hasse


Lumières et Ténèbres

Music for the Cathedral of Dresden
Quantz – Bach – Zelenka – Heinichen – Vivaldi


Les Fêtes de Diane

Back from Hunting: opera arias & concerti a molti stromenti
Heinichen – Pisendel – Vivaldi – Zelenka – Haendel